Founders Letter - Dale

The technological advancements of the 21st century is what almost killed me.  This may sound a littler dramatic, but perhaps not. The endless list of plastic, pollution, pesticides, and toxic chemicals - all of which constitute Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs), are what contributed to my unfortunately health diagnosis. It is my belief the introduction and continued increase of EDCs in our lives holds a strong correlation with the increase in chronic illness and disease, and in my case testicular cancer, infertility and a myriad of gut and digestive auto immune diseases. Granted EDCs weren't the only culprit or lifestyle factor, but they are often forgotten about or not afforded the attention they deserve. 

It wasn't all doom and gloom. Fortunate for me, modern medicine is also what saved me. This paradox is something I became grateful for, which lead me to think me think. How can we take this knowledge, and learn to live harmoniously with nature and technology in a state of balance? What adjustments would we need to make to achieve this? I started with implementing changes to my diet, removing or trying to limit exposure to EDCs (most of which are unavoidable and outside of our control), and exploring known treatments for detoxifying and cleansing our bodies of toxins and heavy metals. 

These ideas are what sparked Happy Home, a place to bring awareness to EDCs and provide eco-friendly, sustainable, and health conscious product alternatives to all our household and lifestyle needs. Once conceptualised, it was time for action.

I joined forces with my brother, and brainstormed how (with little to no capital) we were going to approach this monumental task. We had to keep our ideas under reins - there is so many things worthy of change.  

We catalogued all the plastic in our own households, and we’re deeply disturbed. Things you don’t even think of, integral components of everyday items made of harmful plastics. It demonstrated the degree of ignorance we held that was costly to not only our health abut also our planet. Then we read the ingredient list in our food, personal care items, and cleaning products, and were overwhelmed once again. We said, ‘where the F$&@ do we start?’ Our answer - How about we start with how we eat, specifically and more importantly where we store our food. 

We wanted to provide a product that you could use daily, that was fun and functional, and durable enough to withstand prolonged and frequent use. What product better fits this description than the Bento Box. We product sampled so many Bento Box's on the market until we settled on this design. We felt this was the perfect place to start, and so we put together our loose change and spare time and went for it.

Our stainless steel and silicone Bento Boxes rugged, leakproof, and dishwasher safe design is built to withstand everything you and your child can throw at it. 

However, I don't want Happy Home to be solely a product based business. I also want it to be a free educational resource for all things health and sustainability - as these are the core principals that go into each of our designs, and what we will strive to implement in all aspects of our business. 

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